20kg Magnet Pad Assembly

20kg Magnet Pad Assembly

The 20kg Magnet Pads™ are the bedrock of the Vucan Counter Limpet Mine System™ as they provide the means of sticking the charges to steel targets. As such they had to be designed to be super strong (once fixed to a clean steel target you will struggle to get them off again) and versatile. They feature a plastic bolt on the back which has a common thread used widely in the Alford Tools™. They are capable of lifting nearly 25kg (we say 20kg to allow for rough surfaces etc).In order to produce such strong magnets, two rare earth magnets are used. These are specially made to our design and feature a galvanised steel back and a moulded yellow pvc protective cover for the magnetic material. Each of the individual magnets is mounted onto a plastic base plate with a plastic bolt coming out of the back allowing it to be fixed to various items – the underwater stand, the cable reel or with a plastic eye bolt, they can be used as anchor points for hook and line techniques or marker lines.

Name                                      Part No.   NSN                          Contents
20kg Magnet Pad Assembly  VS1005    1386-99-770-6189  5 Large Magnets, 5 Eye Bolts & Nylon Case

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