Breaching Kit

Breaching Kit

The Breaching Kit has been specially developed for Breaching teams, and provides them with a comprehensive selection of user-filled explosive charges.  These charges are used in Explosive Method of Entry (EMoE) and explosive breaching tasks.  Containing three different types of explosive charges, these can be used to breach a variety of materials such as wood, PVC, brick and concrete.  Charges include:

  • Water-Tamped Explosive Charges – used to breach doors and can be used in multiples depending upon target size
  • Tamped Strip/Frame Charges – for creating frame charges, ideal for doors, walls, windows or opening car boots
  • Demolition Charges – used to gain entry through compound walls, countermining or for general demolition
  • Range of accessories and adhesive tapes – includes corner pieces and t-joints for the strip charges

A Special Forces/SWAT Option can be selected for those breaching teams that require a Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) capability.
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