The Pluton™ is a shaped charge system in the Vulcan family of charges and is the next size up from the Vulcan.

As part of the Vulcan™ family, it shares many common design features with the other sizes reducing the training burden of introducing a completely new system.

The Pluton™ is designed for many applications including causing deliberate detonation of home-made IEDs buried in the ground and underwater disruption of improvised shaped charges. The system includes a number of different projectiles – copper jet forming cone, copper EFP, magnesium high performance jet forming cone and a liquid projectile. There are also a number of stands and delivery systems and accessories such as an underwater capsule.

NamePart No.NSN No.Contents
Pluton Basic KitPL29061385-99-310-10323 Charges, 9 Legs & accessories
Pluton Maritime EOD KitPL29021385-99-668-74979 Charges, 9 Stand-off capsules, 9 Weapon stands, 9 Copper JF cones, 9 Magnesium JF cones & accessories
Pluton Tool Roll SetPL29031385-99-297-93753 Charges, 3 Stand-off capsules, 6 Weapon stands, 3 Copper JF cones, 3 Magnesium JF cones & accessories
Pluton Maritime EOD – Charge & Stand AssemblyPL29041375-99-851-21891 Charge, 1 Stand-off capsule, 1 Weapon stand & legs



NamePart No.NSN No.Contents
Copper Jet Forming Cone SetPL29011385-99-837-67203 Cones per pack
Copper EFP SetPL20151385-99-255-67593 EFPs per pack
Magnesium Jet Forming Cone SetPL20073 Cones per pack
Magnesium Jet Forming High Performance Cone SetPL20131385-99-410-52453 Cones per pack
Liquid Projectile SetPL20141385-99-277-66353 Projectiles per pack
Magnet Pad SetVS10051386-99-987-60275 Magnet Pads, 5 Threaded eye bolts & nuts
Pluton 45 degree Weapon StandPS39011375-99-840-57963 Stands per pack
Pluton Underwater Stand-off Capsule SetPL20021385-99-412-21473 per pack
Pluton Maritime EOD – Accessory Pack 2PL29051385-99-856-46643 Copper JF Cones, 3 Magnesium JF Cones, 1 Loading Kit & accessories
Pluton Loading KitPL29071385-99-183-3216Stemming rod & loading mandrel

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