Rebar Cutter™

Rebar Cutter™

Rebar Cutters™ (RBC) are shaped charges for cutting steel bars and cables.

The Rebar Cutters consist of plastic cased, user filled, shaped charges designed to clip on to, and sever, steel bars or cables, in air or under water. There are three sizes; 15mm, 32mm & 50mm; which corresponding to target diameters of 5 ~ 15mm, 10 ~ 32mm and 20 ~ 50mm.

Targets of much greater diameter than these may be cut by using radial arrays of charges.  User-filled charges may be transported and stored as inert components and filled with plastic explosive.  Rebar Cutter™ is used by the demolition industry to cut reinforced bar and cable when concrete structures are demolished or perforated.  They can be used to cut window bars, metal grilles and railings.  They can also be used to cut tangled steel cables to make it easier to transport or lift, and to release tethered sea mines.

NamePart No.NSN No.Contents
Rebar Cutter, 15mmRB15001375-99-463-93716 Charges
Rebar Cutter, 32mmRB32001375-99-538-79173 Charges
Rebar Cutter, 50mmRB50001375-99-391-70333 Charges


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