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The Vulcan™ is a highly versatile, user-filled, modular shaped charge system which is in wide service around the world.

Used as a tool for producing order reaction, it has probably been employed against a wider range of munitions than any other system and has a success rate that is unrivalled with an almost 100% success rate.

It is the only tool that can reliably low-order a BLU-109 deep penetration bomb and has been used against everything from grenades to rockets and even cruise missiles.

The Vulcan™ also forms the backbone of the new Counter Limpet Mine System™ that is in service with the Royal Navy.

Name Part No. NSN No. Contents
Vulcan™ Basic Kit VU0001 1385-99-833-2491 10 Charges, 30 Legs & Loading Kit
Copper Cone Set, Jet Forming (JF) VU0012 1385-99-285-4051 10 Cones per pack
Copper EFP Set VU0022 1385-99-131-4488 10 Cones per pack
Magnesium Cone Set, Jet Forming VU0032 1385-99-925-0172 10 Cones per pack
Magnesium EFP Set VU0042 1385-99-147-5891 10 Cones per pack
Aluminium EFP Set VU0052 1385-99-837-0017 10 Cones per pack
Liquid Projectile Set VU0082 1385-99-131-4430 10 Cones per pack
Vulcan™ Projectile Combo Set VU0093 1385-99-447-3037 2 Copper JF, 2 Copper EFP, 2 Magnesium JF, 2 Magnesium EFP, 2 Aluminium EFP, 2 Liquid Projectiles
Nozzle Set VU0004 1385-99-225-7926 10 Nozzles + 10 Sights per pack
Trepanning Attachment Set VU0005 1385-99-383-2166 10 per set
Flash Supressing Water Jacket VU0003 1385-99-497-2299 10 per pack
Underwater Stand-off Capsule Set VU0018 1386-99-724-1710 10 per pack
Vulcan™ Loading Kit VU0006 1385-99-314-3114 Stemming rod, loading plate, measuring ring & mandrel

Related Products

Humanitarian Demining Vulcan™ HV1901 10 Charges, 40 Legs & a Loading Kit
VCLMS Tool Roll Set VS1020 1386-99-334-5513 4 Charges, 4 Magnets, 1 Vulcan Combo Set, 1 Loading Kit & accessories
VCLMS Complete System VS1103 1386-99-341-4411 5 Tool Roll Sets, 1 Cable Reel, Accessory pack 2, 3 & 4 with transit case
Pluton™ Basic Kit PL2906 1385-99-310-1032 3 Charges, 9 Legs & accessories


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