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TV Appearance: Sidney Alford to Feature in Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home TV programme

Sidney Alford will be featuring in Kevin McCloud’s new programme “Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home” which is premiering on Sunday 23 Sept at 8pm on Channel 4. In the programme Kevin McCloud will be building his own haven away from uniform mass production, a construction that he can point to saying “I built that”. Sidney …


Recon Scout Showcased at AUVSI – August 2012

Partner of Alford Technologies, Recon Robotics featured at the Association of Unmanned Systems International event which took place from 6-9 August 2012 in Las Vegas. Barry Harris MBE from Recon Robotics discussed the latest “Throwbot” remotely operated vehicle (ROV) technology. Innovative and market-leading, the Recon Scout is the world’s smallest throwable robot used to support …