Archives - December 2013


FAB70 Bomb – Successful Low-Order in Poland

On 14 December 2013 in Poland a General Purpose bomb FAB70 was found near a busy railway line in Poland.  Due to the proximity of the busy railway line, it was paramount that the Engineering Forces low-ordered the munition to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding area.  Two Vulcan’s with magnesium jet forming cone’s were …


TV Appearance: Gatecrasher on National Dutch TV

On Wednesday 4 December, the renowned Gatecrasher wall breaching charge was featured on National Dutch Television.  The Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) used Gatecrasher at a test facility to breach a double walled building.  Gatecrasher made a clear hole through both walls using only 180 grams of explosive.  The RNLA featured on a morning programme discussing …