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Launch: Detcord Junction Clip

The Detcord Junction Clip is used in conjunction with the Mini Detcord Clip and the standard Detcord Clip.  The Detcord Junction Clip allows the operator to change direction with the detcord in order to rig up multiple charges.  It will initiate shock tube from the detcord ring main.  For further details email


NEWS: Secretary of State Visits Alford Technologies

(Wiltshire, United Kingdom – 22 March 2014) The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, the Rt. Hon. Mrs. Theresa Villiers MP and local prospective MP for Chippenham, Michelle Donelan, visited Alford Technologies (Saturday 22 March) to discuss the work that the company does producing counter-terrorism and battlefield clearance products. Founder and Chairman Dr. Sidney Alford, …


UPDATE: Use of the FireBreak Command Wire Cutting Tool

The FireBreak is a cost-effective, disposable, explosively-driven wire-cutter, typically used for cutting command wires.  The FireBreak has been proven in Afghanistan to be used to isolate IED components, for example pressure plates.  FireBreak can be actuated by a standard detonator or electric squib and does not require special ammunition.  It can function faster than a detonator can actuate, therefore …


NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Squid Tape – Underwater Adhesive Tape

Squid Tape from Alford Technologies is a non-adhesive, non-sticky fixing tape.  It can be used both on land an underwater for affixing explosive charges to a target.  The tape is very versatile, it can also be used to create a water-tight seal or even as a swift and robust tourniquet.  Being non-sticky, Squid Tape can …


NEW PRODUCT: Bottler Lite, 1 Litre

To enhance the Bottler Lite range, the 1 litre variant has been developed to deliver the same proven Omni-directional effect of Bottler, but with a higher volume of water tamping surrounding the explosive tube.  As with other Bottler Lite variants, the charge will accommodate three different sizes of explosive load.  Bottler Lite provides the Operator …