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Winner of British Construction Industry Awards 2017 – Health, Safety and Wellbeing Initiative of the Year

Alford Technologies has won the British Construction Industry Awards 2017 in the category of Health, Safety and Wellbeing Initiative of the Year, for Explosive Means using Remote Access Methods applied on Didcot Boiler House Demolition. This prestigious award seeks to recognise project teams that understand the importance of creating a safe and healthy working environment …


Invitation to Demonstration

Invitation for Military and Law Enforcement Personnel. Alford Technologies – in partnership with Forcit Defence – are holding a Live Fire of product demonstration Day. To be held on Alford’s Range May 2nd 2017 Pre-show event to the SCTX London. CAPABILITIES DEMONSTRATED: C-IED Breaching Area Denial Method of Entry Free transport arranged from Olympia London …


Project Atom

Project Atom Arcadis, AR Demolition and Alford Technologies have come together to form Atom, a collaboration that proposes a new approach to explosive demolition in the wake of the tragedy at Didcot.  


CN Winner in Innovation: Alford Technologies – Explosives demolition using remote methods

Alford Technologies developed a new and innovative solution to tackle a complex and challenging problem in explosive demolition using remote methods. The firm’s experience in explosives engineering, mainly in military and combat settings, allowed it to develop a solution from scratch that would enable a structure to be surveyed, demolition charges to be placed and …