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Alford Team successfully demolishes Didcot Powerstation

In February 2016, part of the Didcot A Power Station Boiler House collapsed unexpectedly, killing 4 demolition workers. The accident happened during the pre-weakening phase of the demolition process and as a result, all work was stopped. The condition of the remaining Boiler House was considered unsafe and so the UK HSE placed a 50m exclusion zone around the entire structure.

Following the disastrous partial collapse, Alford Technologies were approached by the owners of Dicot A Power Station and asked if we could provide an alternative method of demolition. After many consultations, Alford Technologies mobilised a specialist team of explosive engineers and ROV technicians and formulated an innovative method of “remote demolition.”

On Sunday 17 July 2016, the remaining structure was successfully demolished using new and innovative demolition techniques.