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Alford Technologies’ Founder to receive the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award

On 1st July 2020, after a surprise call from US Navy’s Admiral Ver Hage, Alford Technologies founder, Dr Sidney Alford, was informed thathe will be receiving the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award.

Established in 1951, the award is presented to civilians for specific courageous or heroic acts, or exceptionally outstanding service of substantial and long-term benefit to the Navy. It is the highest recognition that can be payedto a civilian not employed by a Department of the Navy.

Sidney Alford and Ken Falke

Retired US Navy Master Chief, Ken Falke, who forged the initial link between Sidney and the
US Navy, put Dr Alford’s name forward for the award for his years of support to the US Navy through his inventions and EOD tools.

After first meeting at the Shoeburyness Range in 1998, Ken was impressed with the newly invented magnesium-lined shaped charge disruptors Sidney was testing and invited him to the United States to visit various Navy EOD groups to show his kit and find out more about their problems.

From this, Sidney developed the range of EOD devices that became the cornerstone of EOD for the US Navy during the Iraq War – including the Vulcan™, the Bootbanger™, Bottler™, and MLVD™, which remain some of Alford Technologies’ core products today. It is for these innovative devices, and Sidney’s continued support to the US Navy that he will be receiving the award.

Sidney Alford instructing USN EOD Operator Jon Demartio at China Lake in 2001.

As expected upon receiving the phone call, and news of this achievement, Dr Alford is feeling honoured and delighted, as is everyone at Alford Technologies.

In the current COVID-19 climate, no one is sure whether the award will be presented in Washington DC as planned, or in the UK, but all at Alford Technologies look forward to celebrating with Sidney when things are back to normal.

This award will also add another chapter to Sidney’s autobiography, which he has spent the last 18 months writing.