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TV Appearance: Gatecrasher on National Dutch TV

On Wednesday 4 December, the renowned Gatecrasher wall breaching charge was featured on National Dutch Television.  The Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) used Gatecrasher at a test facility to breach a double walled building.  Gatecrasher made a clear hole through both walls using only 180 grams of explosive.  The RNLA featured on a morning programme discussing …


TV Appearance: Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home

Dr Sidney Alford made a UK television appearance in a programme by a renowned designer Kevin McCloud.  In McCloud’s television programme titled Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home, Dr Alford demonstrated a novel way of using explosives by taking a WWII mine and turning it into a BBQ for Kevin’s man made home.


TV Appearance: BBC – Explosions: How We Shook the World

Dr Alford featured in the BBC TV programme “Explosions – How We Shook the World” on Mon 4 Nov 2013 which aired at primetime.  The programme was hosted by engineer Jem Stansfield and explored how explosives have developed through time and how we have harnessed the power for our own means.  Dr Alford explained the …


TV Appearance: Alford Recreates Assassination Attempt Against Napoleon for National Geographic

Dr. Sidney Alford was asked by True North TV to recreate the assassination attempt against Napoleon which took place on Christmas Eve in 1800 where Royalist plotters set off a barrel of gunpowder in the hope of taking Boneparte’s life. As part of the Bloody Tales series for National Geographic, the Napoleon assassination attempt will …


TV Appearance: Sidney Alford to Feature in Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home TV programme

Sidney Alford will be featuring in Kevin McCloud’s new programme “Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home” which is premiering on Sunday 23 Sept at 8pm on Channel 4. In the programme Kevin McCloud will be building his own haven away from uniform mass production, a construction that he can point to saying “I built that”. Sidney …


Gatecrasher Filming – 21 November 2011

Sidney Alford spent a long weekend outside the village of Stod in the Czech Republic filming the penetrative power of the Gatecrasher product and the lifting capability of the Bootbanger. This footage was shown by the TV programme titled “Galileo” which is a highly popular science-based programme aired in Germany.


Bang Goes The Theory – 20 March 2011

Sidney Alford assisted BBC presenter Jem Stansfield on the Bang Goes The Theory TV programme. The science-based programme aimed at family entertainment went on air week beginning 28th March 2011 and concerned the subject of energy and how it is measured. Sidney demonstrated what happens when you release a small amount of energy all in …