TV Appearance: Sidney Alford to Feature in Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home TV programme


Sidney Alford will be featuring in Kevin McCloud’s new programme “Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home” which is premiering on Sunday 23 Sept at 8pm on Channel 4. In the programme Kevin McCloud will be building his own haven away from uniform mass production, a construction that he can point to saying “I built that”. Sidney was invited to take part because of his expertise in explosive technology. Kevin wanted to provide an easier means to transport a felled tree by splitting it into logs explosively using gunpowder.

Sidney explored a number of explosive techniques in order to successfully split the logs into planks to use in Kevin’s man made home.  The explosive technique involved using gunpowder inserted into the timber and fired, splitting the log along the grain into easier to manage planks.  The programme follows their experimentation in order to find a successful solution that captures the pleasure of making something with your own hands.