Our customers are teams and individuals that require explosive tools to perform a particular task. This includes bomb disposal and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Teams to support the disposal of suspect packages and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Alford Technologies work with government agencies to develop explosive charge capability and test methods for explosive cutting, and in many aspects of explosive engineering.

Police and law enforcement customers use Alford breaching tools for hostage rescue and to support search operations where explosive access for search and reconnaissance is required.

Alford products are used by the humanitarian demining sector for the disposal of conventional munitions, stockpile management and in demining operations. Alford tools are also widely used in commercial demolition with the renowned Dioplex™ and Rebar™ Cutter used for the demolition of structures and in dismantling projects.


Disruptors & water-tamped explosive charges to support Military C-IED & EOD Operations

National Security

Breaching & linear cutting charges for Police, Law Enforcement & Civil Security Forces


Linear cutting & shaped charges for commercial demolition, salvage & decommissioning

Humanitarian Mine Action

Explosive charges for mine clearance, UXO & stockpile destruction