Alford Explosive Demolition

Hazelwood Power Station Chimney Demolition by Alford Explosive Demolition

Alford Explosive Demolition offers a complete explosive demolition service, utilising our own explosive product range, experience and know-how. We conduct in-house demolition design, including advanced structural engineering analysis, and have our own explosive testing facilities where we can trial new techniques and develop and test new charges. We even maintain a small fleet of remotely operated vehicles for specialist jobs and dangerous situations. 

The company believes that the practice of pre-weakening structures can be inherently dangerous so specialises in designs that remove redundancy in structures without weakening them. Using explosive cutting charges allows final cuts to be done remotely as part of the demolition, removing the need to have workers doing the most dangerous part of the job. 

Being part of Alford Group enables us to have access to technology and equipment that allows us to follow the general principal of BAST (Best Available Safest Technology) in order to ensure that there are no limitations on use the best technology at all times. 

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