Humanitarian Mine Action

The humanitarian demining sector is evolving from mitigating the threat of landmines, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), cluster munitions and now – in certain areas – a new threat from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Millions of unexploded ordnance still lay dormant posing a continued hazard to post-conflict areas such as Laos, Libya, Lebanon and Afghanistan.  Even now, World War II bombs that were dropped over seven decades ago are being uncovered and causing death and creating casualties within the local populations of these countries.

Alford explosive tools are user-filled, so there are no restrictions on transporting the charges or storing them for extended periods of time.  The explosive charges are extremely versatile.  One product is capable of performing multiple tasks depending upon the projectiles chosen and the amount of explosive loaded into the charge.

Alford care deeply about the humanitarian demining sector with tools being created specifically for demining and Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD).  The highly renowned Vulcan™ shaped charge has been redesigned to provide similar performance to the military-grade variant of Vulcan™, but made from affordable materials.  The Universal Demolition Block™ (UDB) is developed to hold pre-formed blocks of plastic explosive (PE) or can be hand-filled.  UDB is a versatile charge that can be used as a general demolition charge and in stockpile management.

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