Humanitarian Mine Action

Alford Technologies recognises the highly complex environment and unique challenges faced by the Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) community.

By engaging with HMA management and EOD operators we have begun to better understand their technical equipment needs and requirements. This collaboration has resulted in the development of sustainable equipment solutions capable of meeting the challenges faced by the community, creating Project Yellowstone – Alford’s HMA suite of capabilities.

Draken™ is the first Project Yellowstone capability to be rolled out to the community and is currently being used with great success in Afghanistan. Draken is a conventional barrelled disruptor, but one in which the operator can assemble his own ammunition using supplied components and harvested or locally purchased propellant, reducing ammunition costs to as little as $2 USD per shot. Included with the product are technical manuals and tooling, as well as digital media/interactive training on request.

Other sustainable and cost-effective EOD tools currently under development include a reusable explosive wire cutting tool, and easily transported low order disruption tools. As with all Alford explosive tools Project Yellowstone products are user-filled, so there are no restrictions on transporting the charges or storing them for extended periods of time. This makes our explosive charges extremely versatile, with one product capable of performing multiple tasks depending upon the projectiles chosen and the amount of explosive loaded into the charge.

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If you have a problem within the Humanitarian Mine Action community that needs a technical solution, please email to see how we can help you.