Marine Salvage & Demolition

Alford Technologies products are used by commercial demolition companies for marine salvage, general demolition, dismantlement, decommissioning and explosive engineering.  Due to the products being engineered with minimal fragmentation and with a low Net Explosive Quantity (NEQ), they can even be used to support nuclear decommissioning projects.  Products of choice for the commercial demolition sector include Dioplex™ and Rebar Cutter™.Rebar Cutter

The Dioplex™ and Rebar Cutter™ are linear cutting tools which are used prevalently through the commercial demolition sector.  Dioplex™ is used for severing steel structures and dense structures, cutting to a maximum depth of 110mm.  The Rebar Cutter™ is perfect for cutting reinforced steel bars and cables which are housed within concrete structures, this assists in weakening the structure for mechanical demolition.

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