THE BootBanger™ is a water disruptor for use against Vehicle-Borne IEDs (VBIED).

The BootBanger™ Mk4 is one of the most trusted and successfully used water-tamped explosive charges by IEDD Operators. BootBanger™ has been widely fielded around the world and it played an important role in countering the Vehicle-Borne IED threat in Iraq.

The Boot Banger™ uses a patented technology for producing a shaped charge using sheet explosive or detonating cord as the propellant and water as the projectile. It consists of two containers: a tamper and a projectile, which are fitted together, sandwiching the explosive charge. The projected water penetrates the floor or sides of vehicles and ejects and disrupts bombs or explosive materials without causing their initiation. The tool is provided empty and is loaded with explosive and water by the user. It is probably the most popular man-portable vehicle disruptor on the market and the most powerful of its kind.

The BootBanger™ has been used to successfully defeat real IEDs in several countries including Iraq and Afghanistan. Even with the lightest load, it is capable of removing several 155mm projectiles from the boot of a vehicle.

Product Name Part No. NATO Stock Number Contents
BootBanger™ BB4001 1385-99-503-3673 1 Charge


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