The Gatecrasher™ is the original water-tamped wall breaching charge which has unrivalled versatility and performance which produces man-sized holes in walls up to 50cm (20 inches) thick.

The Gatecrasher™ is unique in that it may be loaded with detonating cord, plastic explosive, or sheet explosive allowing it to be used against a huge range of target types.

The power of the explosive is effectively multiplied by the water tamping of the charge reducing the net explosive quantity required for a successful breach by at least half. This significantly reduces the required safety distance of the user and reduces the forward fragmentation of the charge making it safer to use in situations where less lethal methods are essential.

Gatecrasher™ is a highly renowned and regarded wall-breaching charge within the breaching community, used by military and law enforcement personnel all over the world.

Name Part No. NSN No. Contents
Gatecrasher GC4001 1375-99-895-4034 1 Charge



Det Cord Clip DC1901 1375-99-668-6505 20 per pack
Mini Det Cord Clip DC2901 1375-99-155-5887 20 per pack
Det Cord Clip Junction DJ1901 20 per pack
Prop Stick Coming Soon!


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