Alford Technologies have worked with one of the main producers of Hydrogel to develop a specific hydrogel for breachers. Extensively tested against its competitors, the Alford HydroTape™ demonstrated better adhesive properties and was easier to use especially when wearing gloves due to the woven core and a 0.5inch release liner for easy application.

Long considered to be the best adhesive for sticking charges to dirty and damp/wet surfaces, Hydrogel was originally desigend for sticking medical sensors onto bodies. It was not designed for holding heavy items onto walls. Alford HydroTape™ is a high shear strength tape which is specifically designed to not slip or droop when holding charges onto targets.

One of the common problems with adhesive tapes is that they are stretchy. This makes handling difficult when you try to remove the backing strip and end up pulling the tape away from your charge. HydroTape™ is made with a woven fabric central layer which gives the tape strength and form and prevents stretch. The tape is provided in a 15m roll. Is great for when you need to reposition a charge, it allows you to do this multiple times.

HydroTape™ is one of the most versatile and effective tapes against one of the widest ranges of targets and should be part of every breacher’s tool kit.

Name Part No. NSN No. Contents Dimensions
HydroTape Ht1015 7510-99-153-6251 1 Roll 50mm x 15m (2in x 15ft)

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