Plain Detonator Adaptor™

Plain Detonator Adaptor™

The Plain Detonator Adaptor™ (PDA™) is an ingenious solution to the old problem of connecting multiple charges into a ring main reliably. When you are using bulk explosive charges, a knot of detcord in the charge tied onto a ring main will work fine, but when you are using more precise charges, such as a shaped charge, that is a good way of messing up the performance of the charge. The best initiator of this type of charge is a detonator, but until now there have not been good ways of connecting everything together.

The PDA is a small, plastic moulding that is fitted and crimped into the end of a standard plain detonator. The PDA has a plastic U shaped cradle designed to accept detonating cord which can be pushed into place anywhere on a line of detcord. The position of the charge can be adjusted but once engaged it cannot be removed from the ring main.

When the detcord is initiated it punches out a small disc of plastic which is shot down the tube of the PDA straight into the primary composition of the detonator which is reliably initiated on impact.

The biggest advantage of using the PDA is that it allows the full features of the Split Screw™ that is an integral part of many of the Alford Charges. Once fitted onto charges, they can be fitted onto a target and then a ringmain of detcord can be put out and all the charges simply clipped on. This is ideal for both large demolitions and for trials and range demonstrations where multiple charges need to be used.

Name   Part No.   NSN                Contents

Plain Detonator Adaptor™  DA1020  1375-99-668-6505  Pack of 20
Plain Detonator Adaptor™  DA1920  1375-99-613-8174   Pack of 1000

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