Small Demolition Magnets

Small Demolition Magnets

These small magnets offer a convenient method of fixing charges to steel targets. The traditional problems with small magnets is that they are very fragile and can easily be damaged or broken by dropping or even allowing them to stick to targets too violently. If glued or permanently fixed onto charges, they cannot be adjusted so contact with the surface you are attaching to may not be good, dramatically reducing their strength.

Alford’s magnets overcome all of these problems with simple but effective design features allowing a cost effective but strong and practical magnetic fixing system which may be used with various Alford tools including DIOPLEX™, Vulcan Trepanning Attachments™ and the UDB™.

The clever “sandwich” construction channels the magnetic flux through the two steel side plates giving them an exceptionally strong magnetic hold coupled with a more robust structure (no worry about magnets snapping or crushing). The velcro strip on one side gives the magnets a simple and quick means of attachment to charges which is adjustable simply by un-velcroing the magnets and making adjustments to ensure that good surface contact is achieved.

Larger magnets which include threaded eye bolts are also available.

Name                                         Part No.       NSN                         Contents
Small Demolition Magnet Set  CP0007       1385-99-770-6189   10 Magnets

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