Van Trepan™

Van Trepan™

The Van Trepan™ is a lightweight plastic charge case which is loaded with explosive by the user.

It provides a means of cutting a circular hole in the side, door or roof of a vehicle to facilitate inspection of the contents and insertion of a disruption charge if needs be.

Typically, a Van Trepan™ will be deployed in a situation where a suspect van has been identified but the bomb tech wants to confirm the presence of a VBIED before deploying a disruptor such as the MLVD™. The Van Trepan™ allows him to do this with little risk of causing a sympathetic detonation or shaking the vehicle too violently.

Name Part No. NSN Contents
Van Trepan™ VT3001 1375-99-253-4558 1 Charge


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