Vulcan Counter Limpet Mine System™

Vulcan Counter Limpet Mine System™

The Vulcan Counter Limpet Mine System™ (VCLMS™) is a complete system developed for rapid deployment against multiple underwater targets.

Designed around the highly-renowned Vulcan disruptor, the VCLMS System provides the charge bodies in addition to modular magnetic stands, underwater capsules, firing cables and various projectiles. The components are contained in convenient “tool rolls” for easy handling and deployment in small vessels.

The system provides twenty Vulcan disruptors in five separate tool rolls giving users the ability to defeat multiple threats on multiple vessels. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of counter-mining and ship's protection, we believe that we have thought about just about every problem an operator can face and the kit incorporates all the tools required to get the job done.

The entire kit is supplied in a transit case making it ideal for rapid transportation on military and civil aircraft anywhere in the world.

Name Part No. NSN No. Contents
VCLMS Complete System VS1103 1386-99-341-4411 5 Tool Roll Sets, 1 Cable Reel Set, 1 Accessory pack 2, 3 & 4, transit case
VCLMS Tool Roll Set VS1020 1386-99-334-5513 4 Charges, 4 magnet sets, 1 Projectile Combo Set, 1 Loading Kit & accessories


Cable Reel Set CR1012 8130-99-681-6001 2 cable reels, 2 weapon stands, 2 threaded eye bolts
Charge & Stand Assembly VS1021 1386-99-585-8903 1 Charge, 1 weapon stand, 2 threaded eye bolts & legs
Projectiles & Loading Tools VS1018 1386-99-668-0069 4 Magnesium JF cones, 4 Magnesium EFP, 4 Copper JF, 4 Copper EFP, 4 Aluminium EFP, 4 Liquid Projectiles & accessories
Accessory Pack 2 – Stand Fittings VS1019 1386-99-668-0071 4 Threaded extension tubes, 4 threaded eye bolts & nuts
Accessory Pack 3 – Stand Spares VS1022 1386-99-245-9270 5 Main section arms & pouch
Accessory Pack 4 – Screws VS1023 1386-99-386-9102 10 Screw attachments & pouch
Magnet Pad Set VS1005 1386-99-987-6027 5 Magnet pad assembly, 5 threaded eye bolts & nuts

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