Bangalore Blade™

Bangalore Blade™ is a modern replacement for the Bangalore Torpedo, the latter of which has been in use for almost a hundred years.  The Bangalore Blade™ is configured as a linear explosively formed projectile (EFP) array which is capable of cutting wire obstacles including those made in razor wire which conventional Bangalore Torpedos are incapable of breaching effectively.

The Bangalore Blade™ system is a lightweight Anti-Obstacle and General Explosive Engineering Charge to be used in an identical manner to the original Bangalore Torpedo, but which offers and number of inherent advantages over the original design.  These advantages give the charge a cutting action as well as a blasting effect.  Trials conducted with two identical razor wire entanglements erected between steel pickets were conducted.  The original Bangalore Torpedo cleared a 3m path through the triple-razorwire, while the Bangalore Blade™ cleared a 10m path through the same wire.

Bangalore Blade™

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Bangalore Blade™

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