Breaching Kit

The Breaching Kit has been specially developed for Breaching teams, and provides them with a comprehensive selection of user-filled explosive charges.  These charges are used in Explosive Method of Entry (EMoE) and explosive breaching tasks.  Containing three different types of explosive charges, these can be used to breach a variety of materials such as wood, PVC, brick and concrete.  Charges include:

  • Water-Tamped Explosive Charges – used to breach doors and can be used in multiples depending upon target size
  • Tamped Strip/Frame Charges – for creating frame charges, ideal for doors, walls, windows or opening car boots
  • Demolition Charges – used to gain entry through compound walls, countermining or for general demolition
  • Range of accessories and adhesive tapes – includes corner pieces and t-joints for the strip charges

A Special Forces/SWAT Option can be selected for those breaching teams that require a Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) capability.

The kit image shown is an example of Breaching kit as contents vary according to customer requirements.

Breaching Kit

ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Law Enforcement Breaching KitCK4901Various according to customer requirement

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