Cable Reel

The Cable Reel differs from traditional designs in that it has a pair of powerful magnets for fixing to steel surfaces and was originally designed as part of the Vulcan Counter Limpet Mine System™. Despite its origins, it is a generally useful addition to any explosive‚Äôs range kit. Designed to hold 30m of twisted wire firing cable, it features two of our powerful magnetic pad assemblies allowing it to be fixed to any steel structure without the risk of it being pulled or knocked off accidentally. The reel is made from high visibility yellow plastic (although it could be made in other colours if required in sufficient numbers). The design is deliberately simple and has no small or delicate parts making it suitable for use in a marine environment in which it may need to be dismantled and washed down.

Cable Reel

ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Cable ReelCR10128130-99-681-60012 Reels, 2 Stands, 2 Eye Bolts

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