Detonating Cord Clip™

The clips are made using a PVC material, which allows for a great degree of flexibility without the risk of damaging the detonating cord outer sheath. As their construction is of a light plastic, they offer the further advantage of having a low lethal fragmentation risk compared to their metallic counter parts. This is particularly useful for operations that are in close proximity to the user and other valuable assets.

The application of the Detonating Cord Clip™ will provide a means of reliably and easily connecting lengths of detonating cord together. No tools are required in its use other than the dexterity of the operator’s fingers.

The detonating cord is simply pulled through the centre of the detonating cord clip and held in place by an interference fit.

Detonating Cord Clip™

ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Detonating Cord Clip™DC19011375-99-601-9851Pack of 20

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