The Draken™ Disruptor is a general-purpose barrelled water disruptor for carrying out render safe procedures against IEDs in containers such as parcels, briefcases, or for component disruption of power sources and switches. It is equivalent to the PigStick and Mini-Pigstick in performance depending on which of the two supplied barrels is used.

Unlike existing disruptors, the Draken™ was designed specifically for use in areas where obtaining ammunition for existing disruptors is difficult, impossible or simply deemed too costly. The disruptor is powered by a self-loaded 12-gauge cartridge case and a common electric squib. The kit is supplied with a stock of cases, squibs and wads with the only thing that needs to be sourced locally being double based propellant. This can either be purchased in country or be obtained from recovered small arms ammunition. The Draken™ is made entirely from stainless steel components enabling it to last for many years of use without special care or servicing.

The entire system has been designed to be easy to fill and use. It is made with separate barrels that screw onto the chamber, a feature that greatly simplifies, loading as the water fills the barrel and does not require a carefully positioned piston at one end. The system is designed to be robust and chunky which helps to reduce the re-coil of the system, making it easier to fire from ROVs without requiring complex recoilless technology.


ProductProduct CodeNSNContents
Draken™DK19012 barrels; 50 cases; tactical tool roll case; accessories

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