The FireBreak™ is a low-cost, disposable, explosively-driven wire cutter, typically used for cutting command wires without causing collateral damage. Used by IEDD Operators actively in Afghanistan, the FireBreak™ is one of the most simple wire cutting products on the market, and is highly portable. It can take a standard detonator and does not require any specialist ammunition.

FireBreak™ is unique in its speed when fired.  The FireBreak™ acts faster than a detonator can actuate, therefore, reducing the risk to the operator and the risk of detonating the device.


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
FireBreak™ (steel blade) FB19011375-99-993-1363 5 cutters per pack
FireBreak™ (ceramic blade) FB1902 5 cutters per pack
FireBreak™ (ceramic underwater blade) FB1903 5 cutters per pack

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