Humanitarian Demining Vulcan™

The Humanitarian Demining Vulcan™ (HDV) is a simplified version of Alford Technologies’ award-winning Vulcan, user-filled shaped charge system.

The Humanitarian Demining Vulcan™ (HDV) is used for the low-order disposal of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW).  Based on the renowned Vulcan, the HDV delivers unrivalled precision and performance.  It has been designed specifically to provide Non-Governmental Organisations a cost effective, reliable low-order technique for disposal of Explosive Remnants of War.

The explosive load of the charge body can be adjusted by inserting compression rings which fit internally into the body of the charge and provide a level to which the explosive can be loaded.  The HDV System comes with 10 charge bodies, sturdy aluminium legs, magnesium cones, a loading kit and Alford detonator adaptors and detcord clips.

Humanitarian Demining Vulcan™

ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Humanitarian Demining Vulcan™ HV1901N/A10 Charges, 40 legs, 1 Loading Kit


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Vulcan™ Projectile Combo Set VU00931385-99-447-30372 Copper JF, 2 Copper EFP, 2 Magnesium Cone JF, 2 Magnesium EFP, 2 Liquid Projectile
Magnesium Cone Set Jet Forming VU00321385-99-925-017210 per pack
Magnesium EFP Set VU00421385-99-147-589110 per pack

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