The Krakatoa™ is a highly versatile and modular user-filled charge container for EOD and demolition both in air and under-water.

The Krakatoa™ replaces the Bigjet (MEPS) which has been in service for more than a decade. The new model has significant design improvements aimed at enhancing both performance and usability, both in terms of modularity and user friendliness.

The charge may be orientated in any position. The charge container body is approximately 100mm in diameter x 100mm in length. There are two positions for the projectile, giving two standard loads: 500g and1000g of plastic explosive.

It is screw-consolidated and able to accept a range of projectiles for a variety of possible applications. Note the sighting arrangement on the body, which can accept a red dot aiming device for longer-range, stand-off attack. It can also be able to receive sights and accessories equipped to fit the Picatinny Rail which is supplied as part of the kit.

The Krakatoa™ Basic Kit is supplied with three charge bodies, a set of legs, a loading kit and sights. A tripod mount allows charges to be used with any standard photographic tripod.  The user selects the projectile for the job and fills the charge with plastic explosive.

The Krakatoa™ may be used underwater to depths of approximately 50m by the application of the Underwater Capsule which gives the charge an air gap for jets and projectiles to form in. This makes the Krakatoa™ a completely non-magnetic charge suitable for use as a man-positioned mine counter-charge for destroying magnetic influence sea mines.


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Krakatoa™ Basic KitKR10011385-99-344-37503 Charges, 12 legs, 1 Sight, 1 Loading Tool


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
KR Cu Jet Forming oneKR10031385-99-445-03573 Projectiles
KR Cu EFPKR10051385-99-256-35183 Projectiles
KR Gladius™ ProjectileKR10071385-99-375-94863 Projectiles
KR Underwater CapsuleKR10101386-99-354-05923 UW Capsules

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