Magma™ is a user-filled shaped charge system. More powerful than both the Vulcan™ and Pluton™ Systems, the Magma™ can carry explosive loads from 100g to 600g depending upon requirement. The Magma™ is a multi-role tool and can be used for Demolitions, Rapid Cratering and Explosive digging in normal and frozen ground.

The charge body can be loaded with a projectile from a range including Copper EFP (explosively formed projectile), Copper JFC (jet-forming cone) or Magnesium JFC, depending upon the target.

The Magma™ Basic Kit comes with three charge bodies and three aluminium legs per charge which can be angled for better positioning on the target. A stemming tool is included for loading the explosive into the body of the charge. Projectiles are purchased separately.


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Magma™ Basic KitMG19013 Bodies, 9 Legs, 1 Loading Mandrel


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Magma™ Copper EFP SetMG19033 Cones per pack
Magma Magnesium Cone Set, Jet Forming Cone (JFC)MG19063 Cones per pack

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