Pluton Maritime EOD (PLMEOD™) Kit

The Pluton Maritime EOD (PLMEODc) Kit is a specialist shaped charge system developed for underwater or water-line use. Provided in a robust transit case the PLMEOD Kit will equip a maritime or underwater EOD Team with all the tools needed to perform multiple EOD tasks.

The kit contains three Pluton™ Tool Roll Sets which each contain three complete charge systems with Jet Forming Cones (JFC), Explosively Formed Projectiles (EFP) and Liquid projectiles, along with supporting ancillary items to assist in positioning and attachment to the target (main picture shows one charge with weapon stand).

The PLMEOD™ Kit is primarily used for countermining and low order deflagration. Additional projectiles can be purchased to support disruption tasks and to support stand-off attacks.

The PLMEOD™ kit may be used underwater to depths of approximately 80m by the incorporation of the Underwater Capsule which gives the charge an air gap in which the jet can form. This makes the Pluton a completely non-magnetic charge capable for use as a diver positioned mine counter-charge for destroying influence sea mines as well as against Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and for Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD). 


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
PLMEOD™ Kit PL2902 1385-99-668-74979 Charges, 9 Stand-off capsules, 9 Weapon stands, 9 Copper JF cones, 9 Magnesium JF cones & accessories


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
PLMEOD™ – Charge & Stand AssemblyPL29041375-99-851-21891 Charge, 1 Stand-off capsule, 1 Weapon stand & legs
Pluton™ Tool Roll SetPL29031385-99-297-93753 Charges, 3 Stand-off capsules, 6 Weapon stands, 3 Copper JF cones, 3 Magnesium JF cones & accessories
Copper Jet Forming Cone SetPL2901

1385-99-837-6720 3 JFCs per pack
Copper EFP SetPL2015 1385-99-255-6759 3 EFPs per pack
Magnesium Jet Forming Cone SetPL2007 3 JFCs per pack
Magnesium Jet Forming High Performance Cone SetPL2013
1385-99-410-52453 Cones per pack
Liquid Projectile SetPL2014
1385-99-277-66353 Liquid Projectiles per pack
Magnet Pad SetVS1005 1386-99-987-60275 Magnet Pads, 5 Threaded eye bolts & nuts
Pluton™ 45 degree Weapon StandPS3901
1375-99-840-5796 3 Stands per pack
Pluton™ Underwater Stand-off Capsule SetPL2002
1385-99-412-2147 3 Capsules per pack
PLMEOD™ – Accessory Pack 2PL2905
1385-99-856-4664 3 Copper JFCs, 3 Magnesium JFCs, 1 Loading Kit & accessories
Pluton Loading KitPL29071385-99-183-3216 1 Stemming rod & 1 Loading mandrel


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