Pluton™ 45 Degree Stand

Pluton triple array

The Pluton™ 45 Degree Weapon Stand Set is used in conjunction with the Pluton™ shaped charge.  The product provides an adjustable stand for the Pluton™ charge.  This stand allows for improved positioning at the target.  The stand has a fixing so that it can be deployed by robot.  Arrays of the Pluton™ shaped charge can be made using the 45 Degree Weapon Stand so that the size of the charge can be scaled dependent upon the target size.

Pluton™ 45 Degree Stand Set

ProductProductNo.NATO Stock NumberContents
Pluton™ 45 Degree Stand SetPS39011375-99-840-57963 Stands & Cable Ties

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ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Pluton™ Basic KitPL29061385-99-310-10323 Charges, 9 Legs, 1 Loading Kit

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