Pluton™ is part of the Vulcan™ family of shaped charges and is the next size up from the Vulcan.

Pluton shares many common design features with the other size charges reducing the training burden presented by many different charges.

The Pluton is designed for many applications including high order and low order of UXO, including underwater and deliberate detonation of buried IEDs. The system includes a number of different projectiles – copper Jet Forming Cone (JFC), copper Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP), two variants of magnesium JFCs and a liquid projectile. There are also a number of stands, delivery systems and accessories to enhance the Pluton capability, deployment, and operational versatility.

The Pluton system is compact and lightweight, making it an ideal multi-role explosive tool for EOD Operations.  It has been used successfully by both NATO and non-NATO forces in several theatres of operations including underwater to successfully detonate or deflagrate sea mines and other maritime ordnance.   

Main Features

Pluton™ is a modular system consisting of a range of projectile & explosive load options:

  • Loading is simple quick and consistent
  • Maximum explosive load is 300g.
  • Tested with the majority of explosive natures world wide
  • Minimal training required.
  • Light weight, non-magnetic construction
  • Low tendency to project dangerous fragments.
  • Can be used on land or underwater to 80m.


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Pluton Basic Kit

PL29061385-99-310-10323 Charges, 9 Legs & accessories
Pluton Maritime EOD KitPL29021385-99-668-74979 Charges, 9 Stand-off capsules, 9 Weapon stands, 9 Copper JF cones, 9 Magnesium JF cones & accessories
Pluton Tool Roll SetPL29031385-99-297-93753 Charges, 3 Stand-off capsules, 6 Weapon stands, 3 Copper JF cones, 3 Magnesium JF cones & accessories
Pluton Maritime EOD – Charge & Stand AssemblyPL29041375-99-851-21891 Charge, 1 Stand-off capsule, 1 Weapon stand & legs


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Copper Jet Forming Cone SetPL2901

1385-99-837-67203 Cones per pack
Copper EFP SetPL20151385-99-255-67593 EFPs per pack
Magnesium Jet Forming Cone SetPL20073 Cones per pack
Magnesium Jet Forming High Performance Cone SetPL2013
1385-99-410-52453 Cones per pack
Liquid Projectile SetPL2014
1385-99-277-66353 Projectiles per pack
Magnet Pad SetVS10051386-99-987-60275 Magnet Pads, 5 Threaded eye bolts & nuts
Pluton 45 degree Weapon StandPS3901
1375-99-840-57963 Stands per pack
Pluton Underwater Stand-off Capsule SetPL2002
1385-99-412-21473 Capsules per pack
Pluton Maritime EOD – Accessory Pack 2PL2905
1385-99-856-46643 Copper JF Cones, 3 Magnesium JF Cones, 1 Loading Kit & accessories
Pluton Loading KitPL29071385-99-183-32161 Stemming rod & 1 Loading mandrel

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