Rover Stand™

The Rover Stand™ is designed as a highly versatile stand for the DemiMod™ and MiniMod™ charges. One stand consists of two ends which clip directly onto the endcaps of the charges. The charges are free to rotate through 360 degrees in order to be aimed. One of three sides of the Rover Stand™ can be placed on the ground to give the charge a selection of three ground clearances – approx 2cm, 10cm and 15cm – to facilitate accurate aiming.

Each “foot” on the stand is large enough to have a suitable adhesive fixed in order to attach charges to walls or windows (eg. HydroTape™/Breacher’s Tape™). Charges can be set on non-horizontal angles by using different sides of the Rover Stand on each end – eg Medium height on one end and Low height on the other.

A single stand can be used to support the charge in a stable vertical orientation.

Rover Stand™

ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
Rover Stand™MM49181375-99-173-12274 Stands per pack

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