Universal Demolition Block™


The Universal Demolition Block™ (UDB) is a deceptively simple charge designed to be used as a small, standard explosive charge for demolition and as a booster charge for charges such as the half barmine which is commonly used for breaching adobe walls.

The design was partly inspired by the WW2 Clamshell Mine which was used widely as a demolition and sabotage tool and which also contained 225g of explosive.  Using the UDB™ as a small, standard charge will allow people to be more economical with their explosive, and to make it count, very important when they have to carry it.

The UDB consists of a matchbox concept of two sliding parts – the tray for holding up to 250g of plastic explosive and an outer sleeve which contains and protects the explosive and provides several means of attachment and initiation.

Individual charges may be joined to each other using integral interlocking projections on the sides to make larger charges and three initiation points are provided: two on the side and one on the end. The standard Alford Split Screw™ is used for inserting and gripping detonators, detcord boosters or the Alford Plain Detonator Adaptors™ (PDAs). Long zip-ties are provided as a robust means of fixing to targets.

Universal Demolition Block™ (UDB)

ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
UDB 250 (Beige)DB10011 Charge
UDB 250 (Beige)DB10021385-99-288-707112 Charges
UDB 500 (Grey)DB50011375-99-407-53001 Charge
UDB 500 (Grey)DB59011375-99-412-41978 Charges


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
HydroTape™HT10157510-99-153-62511 Roll
Breacher’s Tape™TP15017510-99-497-95031 Roll
Det Cord Clips™DC19011375-99-601-985120 per pack
Mini Det Cord Clips™DC29011375-99-155-588720 per pack
Det Cord Junction Clips™DJ19011370-99-153-936920 per pack

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Dioplex™ DX900 SeriesDX1302 / DX13011375-99-179-9887 / 1375-99-929-81351 Charge per pack
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