The WindowBreaker™ is a single-shot explosive window breaker designed for gaining access to vehicles with a minimal amount of shock and vibration.

Powered by a single standard electric or shock tube detonator, the WindowBreaker™ may be mounted directly on the barrel of a disruptor or in front of a Bottler™ enabling a single approach to a vehicle to gain access and to disrupt a TPU, thus saving precious time.

The WindowBreaker™ works like a simple cannon, using the gases produced by the detonator to project ceramic chips at the glass.  The sharp edges and corners of these chips cut into the surface of the glass and start cracking which leads to the entire window shattering.  The total energy imparted to the vehicle is so small that it is not shaken at all – important in case there is a mercury tilt-switch in the vehicle.

The WindowBreaker™ is effective at ranges up to a metre.  Unlike mechanical tools, the WindowBreaker™ offers a true stand-off capability with the assurance of virtually zero vibration.  As it is a disposable tool, there is no reason to withdraw to protect an expensive barrelled disruptor before firing a Bottler or other disruptor.

The WindowBreaker™ breaks up into bits that pose little danger to robots and cameras and may be used with other disruptors such as the Bottler™ and DemiMod™ in a single approach.  This makes deployment of both the access tool and follow-on disruptor far simpler and faster.


ProductProduct No.NATO Stock NumberContents
WindowBreaker™ SetWB10051385-99-968-83245 Charges

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