Alford Technologies offer a range of services to support the products. These services include comprehensive product training to teach customers how to use the range of Alford products, to learn the explosive effects of the different product categories and effective targeting to support better use then on the ground.

The company has an extensive Research & Development division which can support a nations’ development project or provide customised advice to assist in capability development. Research & Development assists military, police and government clients in the development of capability to mitigate country specific threats so that the indigenous forces are better protected.

Alford Technologies have their own Explosive Range facility in Somerset, based in the United Kingdom. This range can be used for test and development work and can be hired on a day to day basis.  It has been used by Tier 1 contracts for secret classification product testing, the range has been used extensively by the UK Ministry of Defence for explosive demonstrations as well as by the Top Gear television programme for novel filming projects.


Alford offer consultancy services to support research & development projects and provide advice to those seeking specialist information relating to explosive engineeering.


Training programmes include user training for Alford equipment and specialist Homemade Explosive (HME) Training for authorised representatives.

Range Facilities

Broadmead Range is a fully HSE licensed explosive range which can be hired for testing, research projects and as a TV filming location. MOD approved.

Research & Development

Research & Development can support existing technology, or in the invention of new technology. Alford are renowned for their expertise in explosive engineering.