Research & Development

The Alford Technologies product range is founded on a strong platform of Research & Development. This expertise has been developed and nurtured over 20 years of experience working with explosives; understanding the properties of explosive chemistry and experimenting with the blast effects. Using this knowledge, Alford Technologies are able to deliver some of the world’s leading explosive charges technology that – to this day – are saving lives all over the world. Bangalore Blade Experiment

This expertise in explosive techniques, engineering experimentation and explosive chemistry can be applied to support third-party explosive engineering projects as necessary. Alford Technologies carries a wealth of expertise within their personnel, in the highly renowned Founder and Owner of Alford Technologies, Dr. Sidney Alford. Dr. Alford is an Explosive Chemist with decades of experience working with explosives and examining explosive properties. Dr. Alford is supported by Dr. Chris Owen. Dr. Owen was instrumental in managing the UK forensics laboratory in Helmand, Afghanistan in his role as as Colonel in the British Army.

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